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Huntsville Criminal Defense Lawyers  Serving Those Accused of Drug Crimes Throughout Alabama

Alabama drug laws are complex and criminalize use, possession, distribution and the manufacturing of controlled substances, uncontrolled substances, and counterfeit substances alike.


One of the most common types of criminal charges our Huntsville, Alabama, law office provides legal advice and guidance on is the best way to approach and handle drug charges.

Our Huntsville Criminal Defense lawyer has answers to questions like:

  • Is possession of marijuana a felony or misdemeanor in Alabama?

  • How much does it cost to hire a defense attorney for drug charges?

  • Will I get probation for possession of a controlled substance?

  • What is Drug Trafficking in Alabama?

  • Can I go to jail for simple possession of marijuana?


It is so imperative to involve a tenacious knowledgeable and experienced Huntsville Drug lawyer/Huntsville Drug Possession Lawyer thoroughly familiar with Alabama Drug Statutes to defend your rights and to fight back against the broad-based and unforgiving Alabama drug charges.

Diversion Programs

Pre-trial Intervention Program

PTIP offers certain defendants the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, pay their debts to their victim and rehabilitate themselves through various individually-tailored corrective programs.

Mental Health Court

Madison County Mental Health Court collaborates with the Wellstone Mental Health to provide defendants access to mental health treatment and therapeutic services. Participants learn effective coping strategies and work towards recovery in a therapeutic setting.



The Drug Court program in Madison County is an alternative to incarceration. It emphasizes treatment and rehabilitation for drug abuse and addiction, rather than incarceration. Upon successful completion of the requirements, the charges are dismissed

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Veterans Court

Veterans Court is open to all current and former service members who may be facing criminal charges. Service members volunteers work with defendants peer-peer to help them get their life back on track. 

Intensive OutPatient treatment

New Horizons Recovery Center collaborates with the Huntsville-Madison County criminal justice system to provide substance abuse treatment to participants. These services provide participants the opportunity to learn effective coping strategies and works towards recovery in a normalized setting.

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